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Kargo bedava, 1.250-TL ve üzeri siparişlerde
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Newtonian reflector. Aperture: 205mm. Focal length: 800mm

KDV dahil
KARGO BEDAVA, 1250-TRY ve üzeri siparişlerde
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Teknik Özellikler
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Sky-Watcher BK P2008 Newtonian telescope offers you impressive astrophotography performance. Recording images of astronomical objects with a camera to take home has a special fascination for many sky watchers. Sky-Watcher BK P2008 Carbon OTA is the right tool for satisfying your desire to record beautiful astronomical images.

The BK P2008 OTA means extraordinarily 'fast' optics to benefit your astrophotography. The telescope has been designed and built specifically with astrophotography in mind. The 'fast' f/4 aperture ratio allows you to capture extensive detail in your astrophotos – even when using short exposure times. Perhaps you do not have an expensive high-end mount, or perhaps your mount does not track very precisely. Even here, this OTA is an excellent choice as the large amount of light available for photography and the ultra short construction are great advantages even with smaller mounts. The telescope can also be used as a wide field instrument.

BK P2008 telescope is not just excellent for astrophotography; visual observing with it is also great fun. Discover a wealth of high resolution detail on planets such as Jupiter or Mars. Or you can just as easily observe the far distant treasures of the universe: nebulae, globular clusters, galaxies, and much more.

With the focuser on Sky-Watcher BK P2008 telescope, focusing any DSLR camera is simplicity itself. 4 ball bearings and a stainless steel support rail provide you with an extremely accurate and stable focuser. Even if you use a large DSLR with an extra battery pack, the 2" linear power focuser will hold your equipment completely reliably.

The 1:11 reduction ratio lets you to focus your astro images very precisely. Everything is perfectly sharp, and you can lock the entire focuser with just one central screw.

Not only beautiful, but also useful: the tube of this BK P2008 telescope is made of carbon fibre. This carbon fibre tube is not only lighter than a comparable metal tub, but is also much stiffer. One of the main advantages is that the focus remains unchanged and completely stable overnight, you will not need to re-focus.

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