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Newtonian reflector. Aperture: 305mm. Focal length: 1500mm

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KARGO BEDAVA, 1250-TRY ve üzeri siparişlerde
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Sky-Watcher Dob 12" is a powerful telescope for an advanced sky observer – an excellent tool for visual observations of the Solar System objects and the deep sky. The telescope with the main mirror diameter of 305mm (12 inches) is the target equipment, most of the nice astronomy specialists, combining great observation possibilities with still acceptable portability.

This telescope is ideal for observing nebulae as well as open and spherical clusters and a number of beautiful galaxies. It should be remembered that all the planets of the solar system are also within range of the telescope, with a very large amount of surface detail, as well as many of their moons.

The telescope is also perfect for observing our natural satellite, although here, due to the amount of light falling close to full, it is worth using a moon filter, preferably dark green neutral gray (neutral density ). A large, slightly over 30cm long mirror collects almost 2,000 times more light than the human eye, and the resolution of 0.55 seconds of arc is a real phenomenon.

The mirror is made of Pyrex glass, i.e. borosilicate glass consisting of 8% boron oxide and 85% silicon oxide. It is the admixture of boron oxide that makes the mirror a bit lighter and, above all, has a lower coefficient of thermal expansion, which positively affects the quality of the images obtained.

Of course, although the size of the mirror is the key parameter, the telescope is well-designed in terms of mechanical and optical design. 1500mm focal length, giving a huge aperture of f/4.9, excellent 2-inch Crayford extraction with 1.25" reduction, large 9x50 finder, two 25mm and 10mm eyepieces and intuitively simple assembly Dobsonian azimuth. The extractor has a T2 thread that allows you to attach an SLR camera, allowing you to photograph bright objects (appropriate reduction required for your camera, i.e. Canon, Nikon, Sony Alfa, Pentax or Olympus).

Dobsonian assembly is the simplest and, at the same time, the cheapest type of telescope assembly, which works very well for visual observations. The assembly is controlled by manually shifting it in two axes, in the azimuthal (horizontal) plane and in the height (vertical) axis.

The telescope consists of an optical tube measuring 147x35cm and weighing 22.5kg and an azimuthal assembly weighing 16.5kg. The telescope is originally packed in three cardboard boxes, a Dobson assembly separately, an optical tube and a mirror with a frame. The optical system should be collimated after assembling before carrying out the observation (the Polish collimation instruction is attached to the set).

The kit includes:

  • Telescope optical tube
  • Dobsonian mount
  • 1.25" adapter
  • 2" eyepiece adapter
  • 8x50 finder with a cross
  • Super 10mm and 25mm (1.25") eyepieces


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