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Newtonian reflector. Primary mirror diameter: 130mm. Focal length: 650mm

KDV dahil
KARGO BEDAVA, 1250-TRY ve üzeri siparişlerde
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This telescope was specially designed to celebrate the International Year of Astronomy (IYA 2009) and hence also the 400th anniversary of the first Galilean telescope. It is not only a high-precision optical instrument, but also makes a nice collector's item and the perfect gift. The telescope tube is decorated with the names of many famous people who have made a significant contribution to research in astronomy over the last 400 years, including Galileo Galilei himself.

The telescope is an all-rounder, offering superb views of the Moon, planets and the easier deep sky objects. The patented truss tube system means the telescope is very easy to transport and store. Unlike many standard Newtonians, there is no problem with the focus position in this Sky-Watcher truss tube Dobsonian. The position of focal point can be flexibly adapted. The easy handling of the Dobsonian mount offers a great way of getting started in amateur astronomy and the telescope is also ultra compact. The complete telescope with mount comes completely assembled straight out of the gift box.

The most Dobsonian telescopes are only available from the 200mm upwards. This 130mm Dobsonian can be considered an exception, making it an ideal travel and beginner's instrument, which requires only a little space. With only a 650mm focal length, the Dobsonian has an aperture ratio of f/5; meaning wonderful wide field observing is possible. Being able to observe extended nebulae under a dark sky is just one of the great strengths of this instrument. Focusing is via a screw-in focuser with clamp for 1.25" eyepieces.

The kit includes:

  • Telescope
  • Dobsonian mount
  • Super 10mm eyepiece, 1.25"
  • Super 25mm eyepiece, 1.25"
  • Red Dot finder
  • User manual and warranty
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